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al manufacturer of Mac personal computers into a leader in mobile telecom industry after it launched the revolutionary iPhone in 2007 that completely changed▓ people's way of communication and defined the development

orientation of cell phone de▓vices.Apple has sold more than 1.3 billion units of iPhones and its sales▓ amounted to 229 billion dollars in 2017.Apple is now trailed by a f▓ew other tech giants which are moving quickly toward the 1-trillion-dollar milestone, as the world's largest online retailer Amazon is now worth about 900 million dollars, and Google and Microsoft are worth more than 800 billion dollars each.Please scan the QR Code to ▓follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatTrade tension hurts U.S. consumers, say firmsTrade tension hurts U.S. consumers, sa▓y firmsTrade tension hurts U.S. consumers, say firms07-08-2018 00:34 BJTGUANGZHOU/SHANGHAI -- Companies from China ▓and the United States are concerned about the impact of trade tensions between the world's top two economies after the United States began imposing a 25-percent addit

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ional tariff on Chinese products worth 34 billion U.S. dollars Friday.China's customs authority announced that additional tariffs for some imports from the United States worth the same amount, including agricultura▓l products, vehicles and aquatic products, also took effect on the same day.Chinese manufacturers and U.S. businesses op

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his▓tory could impact the global trade order and infli▓ct losses to U.S. consumers as well as industry and commerce firms on both sides."We are deeply concerned over the escalated trade tensions between the United States and China," said Bruc▓e Blakeman, vice president of corporate affairs in Asia Pac▓ific at U.S. agribusiness company Cargill. The transnational company has many branches and plants across China.There are no winners in a t

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